Ghost Spaces

Text Irina Poleshchuk

Our feeling of reality is always accompanied by the presence of ghost spaces. These ghost spaces open themselves up in gates, portals, foggy paths in parks, and roads which do not lead anywhere. Probably this region of space was once home to a number of human worlds. However, long ago they were lost or destroyed and new worlds of ghosts appeared. 

This area of ghost space lies outside the light of this world of reality. Ghost spaces are not homogeneous. Their various fates have certain specifics. A ghost space usually appears from the past, marking the present, and leaving a trace. Because they are and are not at the same time, these ghost spaces disorientate time and break our habitual continuum. They deceptively come from the images of our memory. Thus, they carry the legacy of other eras. Ghost spaces are unpredictable, they unfold in innumerable directions, and their depth is not grasped in the objects of reality. Ghost spaces are often abandoned. They create a sense of déjà vu, a phantom memory of something that has never happened in reality. The world to which we are accustomed is replaced by a ghost space of unfulfilled possibilities. There is always a background feeling of places that do not have a geographic reference.

Ghost spaces are filled with frozen moments that engulf consciousness like a spiralling hole into which we fall. They are woven from endless threads, which we catch with our peripheral vision. Ghost spaces are impersonal, they never had a tangible concreteness. Ghostly and visible at the same time, these spaces are always in the process of disappearing, but they never completely vanish. They are not solid bodies, instead, they are shadows which are appearing and melting into horizon, capturing our imagination. In these moments we are experiencing not only false images, but also confusion and indifference, which reach their limit in ghost spaces.

Ghost spaces are projections of imaginary opportunities.

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